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Ecological. Sustainable. Environmental.

Ecological. Sustainable. Environmental.


The issues of ecology and environmental protection along with the search for ways to save energy lie at the heart of our company’s mission. 

We have here highlighted a number of exemplary projects successfully completed within Geissel’s existing environmental management system over the past couple of years: 

  • Geissel as an energy producer – with a photovoltaic facility that generates around 300 kWp, our company produces enough energy to power 60 four-person households per year – we were already one of the largest non-public electricity feeders in the entire Enz region as early as 2008, having saved 180 tonnes of CO2 annually since then.
  • Since 2016 the Geissel Group is manufacturing all products in the parent company in Mühlacker with 100% electricity out of renewable energy. 
  • Owing to a centralised oil mist collector facility, valuable cooling and lubricating oil can be captured and reused. Making use of heated exhaust from our newly installed energy efficient air compressors, a regulated supply of fresh air ensures that a comfortable and healthy working environment can be maintained.  
  • Continuous improvements to heat insulation in various company buildings lead to considerable energy savings. 
  • Using rain water in our sanitary facilities. 
  • Overhaul of a heating facility. With a new, economically optimised facility, we are able to make it through the cold winter months using significantly less fossil fuels. Together with our new centralised cold water unit, our clever system that includes heat recovery for our industrial water has been able to reduce our previous consumption by nearly 60%. 
  • Regular investments in new production facilities with less energy demand and less noise emissions. 
  • Recycling stations have been set up for toner cartridges, batteries, lighting products, and CDs/ DVDs.
  • In our administrative environment, printing documents double sided and using recycled paper as opposed to single-sided documents on fresh paper save around 39,700 litres of water, 8,150 kWh of electricity, and 3,750 kg of wood annually.

These ongoing processes have been already certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 at our parent company in Mühlacker; our Indian daughter is certified according ISO 14001 as well.

In firm conviction we recognise the necessity in protecting natural resources and implementing sustainability - for us and the next generations.

You want to know more? Please ask us! We are happy to get in touch with you.



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